House Calls

Serving the greater Los Angeles area

When most people think about house calls by a physician, they see it as a popular practice from the past.

At Concierge Medicine/LA, we place tremendous value on the doctor-patient relationship and understand that it may not be practical or possible for you to visit our office sometimes.

Senior man welcoming doctor at home

House calls performed by our Concierge Medicine/LA physician can be arranged by calling 310-826-2555 or e-mailing

What are you equipped to do on a house call?

Our physicians come fully equipped to do blood draws, throat cultures, a full examination, and a variety of other things if needed.  By request, we can also do minor skin procedures like biopsies for an additional charge.

Who is getting house calls?

Many people who are busy and cannot take the time to visit our office ask our physicians to visit them at their home or office. Many lawyers and film executives with rigorous schedules appreciate the convenience of a house call. In addition, many elderly patients who have a difficult time coming to the practice due to difficulty getting around appreciate receiving care in the comfort of their home.

How much does a house call cost?

Please call the clinic for pricing information.  Price depends on your distance from our clinic and what tests need to be performed.