What makes the Presidential Physical Exam™ different than a standard physical exam?

A standard insurance physical examination is a 10-15 visit with your primary care physician that does not touch on very much besides the most looming of problems. The Presidential Physical Exam™ is a form of preventive medicine consisting of physical and diagnostic evaluations that usually takes a full day to complete. It is guided not by what has been deemed cost effective in any given population, instead it is driven by an individual’s unique risks and balanced by available resources to effectively detect preventable illnesses. For the past 100 years, similar physical exams have been administered to pilots, astronauts, Fortune 500 executives, and very wealthy individuals for whom cost is not an issue. As a result, a test that may not be cost effective for the society at large in detecting preventable illnesses is still offered for this corporate demand.

Cost cutting managed care plans and medical insurances think in terms of populations, not unique individuals. They set standards and restrictions that can inhibit a physician’s ability to deliver truly “best of the best” care. They have a certain budget that must be allocated towards the most important healthcare items. Thus, allocating funds for a sophisticated test may less appealing to them than making sure everyone in their network gets the most basic preventative tests. At Concierge Medicine/LA, we think in terms of individuals not populations. Doctors practicing insurance based care are incentivized to bring you back to the office many times since they charge by “office visit”. Thus, a comprehensive visit is not as financially rewarding to the insurance based physician since you only come in for one visit.

Is the Presidential Physical only for executives?

The Presidential Physical is not only for executives but rather for anyone who desires the “best of the best” in medical care. The thorough medical care and consultation offered at Concierge Medicine/LA is appreciated by all individuals who value their health.

How do I arrange to have my company’s executives learn more about Concierge Medicine/LA’s Presidential Physical?

Please contact us at 310-826-2555 to schedule a consult and personal tour with Dr. Darvish. Concierge Medicine/LA physicians are also available to present the program at your company’s office.

Is the Presidential Physical covered by my insurance?

The vast majority of insurance companies do not pay for even a very basic annual physical exam. Since doctors do not get reimbursed for doing physical exams, most Americans have never received one. Some components of the physical exam may be covered by your medical insurance. The Concierge Medicine/LA staff can help you to find out which components are covered by your plan.

How long does the Presidential Physical take?

Concierge Medicine/LA’s Presidential Physical is performed in three parts.
Part 1: Physical Examination & Medical Consultation (3-5 hours)
Part 2: Imaging tests (1-3 hours)*
Part 3: Concluding consultation, review of exam results, Wellness & Lifestyle Consultation, Cosmetic Consultation. (1-3 hours)

*Performed at our sister VIP imaging facility. Does not need to occur on same day as Concierge Medicine/LA physical examination.

How soon will I get my results?

Your physical exam results are reviewed by you and your physician at your concluding consultation. Since blood work and imaging tests often take some time to be processed, the follow up consultation usually occurs 2-3 weeks after your Presidential Physical.

Are Concierge Medicine/LA patients really healthier?

It is our experience that Concierge Medicine/LA patients are healthier and have fewer medical complications. At Concierge Medicine/LA, we aim to diagnose and treat medical conditions in the early stages when they are potentially curable and before they spiral out of control. This leads to fewer sick and hospital days, fewer days lost at work, and fewer medical complications, which allows people to live longer and healthier lives. The hospitals we work with also have no staff in training thereby eliminating another source of medical errors.

What is the comprehensive wellness and lifestyle consultation?

Each Concierge Medicine/LA patient receives comprehensive wellness and lifestyle consultation with his/her physician. This discussion touches on many different topics including sleep health, sexual health, harmful substances, warning signs of disease, cold prevention, and stress management. Please click here to see the wellness and lifestyle consultation topics of discussion.

What is the comprehensive wellness and lifestyle consultation?

By request, we can send a copy of your Presidential Physical results to your primary care physician.

Will I have a chance to eat?

You will be provided with a gourmet organic meal from a local Brentwood restaurant following your blood draw. Additionally, at our facility, we have coffee, teas, and water for your pleasure.

What if I want my physician who performed my Presidential Physical to become my primary care physician?

In addition to the Presidential Physical, Concierge Medicine/LA also offers an exclusive membership where patients can receive VIP medical care/access throughout the year. A deluxe membership includes the Presidential Physical and year-long VIP care. For more information about Concierge Medicine/LA’s membership options, please click here.

Do I have to be a member of Concierge Medicine/LA to receive a Presidential Physical?

No. You can receive a Presidential Physical without having a Concierge Medicine/LA membership.

How much is a Presidential Physical?

Our basic Presidential Physical is $1400. If indicated, certain additional tests (as detailed on our Presidential Physical Price Menu) can be performed at Concierge Medicine/LA or at our VIP sister imaging facility for an additional fee.