A Typical Presidential Physical™

On the day of your Presidential Physical, you will fill out a detailed medical history questionnaire. You will then meet with your physician to review your medical history. Your physician will then perform a personalized Presidential Physical exam, mirroring the comprehensive exam the U.S. President receives. Based on your medical history, your physician may request certain additional imaging tests be performed at our sister VIP imaging center.

Two to four days after your Presidential Physical, your physician will see you for a follow-up visit (or speak with you via phone if your schedule does not facilitate another visit) to perform a Wellness & Lifestyle Consultation, review your results, recommend treatment options, and answer any and all questions.

Your physician will also provide you with a written report summarizing your results. At the end of the follow-up visit, Concierge Medicine/LA clients receive a complimentary cosmetic consultation and can have a wide variety of cosmetic services performed on them at Skinpeccable, our adjoining Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Center.

Throughout your Presidential Physical, our dedicated staff is here to make your visit to Concierge Medicine/LA an extremely pleasant one.

We will gladly answer any questions you may have and make additional arrangements to meet your individual needs.