Relative Cost of the Presidential Physical

  1. Average Annual Lease Payments on a BMW 7 Series – $14,000
  2. Average Monthly Mortgage Payment on a $1,500,000 house – $8000
  3. Armani Suit – $1500
  4. 1 year worth of dog food/ veterinarian visits – $2500
  5. Dinner for 4 at Maestro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills – $500
  6. Staying healthy enough to continue to enjoy all of the above – An annual Presidential Physical -$1400

Safeguarding your health is essential to allowing you to enjoy all that you have achieved.

The comprehensive presidential physical exam at Concierge Medicine/LA is the gold standard in medicine. It will allow you to protect and optimize your health which will allow you to enjoy your life for many years to come.